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Gavin with a "G"

Fabulously Fun Tours!

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Best Experience Ever with Gavin

"Gavin was fun, entertaining and knowledgeable. He loves the culture and will tell you EVERYTHING happening behind the walls. He personalizes the tour. He was lovely, and I RECOMMEND!"

 TripAdvisor: Review of Windsor Castle and Bath Day Tour

Gavin with a "G" 5 star reviews

About "G"

Gavin with a "G" Outside The Globe Theatre

Gavin with a "G" in action!

Why Gavin with a "G"? 

When I started my guiding career, I realised pretty early on that my guests would mishear my name and at the end of the tour would say "Thanks Kevin"! 


So I introduced himself as Gavin with a "G"! And it worked. All my TripAdvisor reviews referred to me as, Gavin with a "G"

Hence the name...

Gavin with a "G" at Westminster Abbey
Gavin with a "G" at Stonehenge
Gavin Skerritt

Performing in The Little Matchstick Girl

I trained as an actor at The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in London and started my career as a actor. Whilst performing around Europe I was introduced to the master puppet-maker and puppeteer, Christian Ferauge of Théâtre de Toone, in Belgium (One of the oldest marionette theatres in Europe). This led me to embark on an apprenticeship in puppet-making and performing, which resulted in forming my own puppet company back in London. I created new work, collaborating with writers, dancers & choreographers, including Jonathan Watkins at the Royal Ballet. My worked toured extensively around the UK and Europe and was supported by the Arts Council England.

Puppetry Workshop

Puppetry-making workshop

Mask by Gavin Skerritt
Puppets by Gavin Skerritt

Working as a resident artist I also created puppet-making workshops for children and young adults from all different parts of the country. On top of this, I created workshops for adults as well as being a tutor of Advanced Theatre Practice at The Central School of Speech and Drama, London.


I was also nominated for an Arts Foundation award.

The skills I acquired as a performer/puppet-maker, I now brings to my tours and with my skills and experience I am able to create experiences that are enjoyable for people of all ages. I'm a guide that always looks for new and innovative ways to present London's history, which is engaging, informative and fun!

My touring repertoire covers the whole of Central London and includes many different aspects of London's rich history past, present and future. From Royal London, to the city's criminals and ghosts. From street art, to the great European artists at the National Gallery. From the rock-and-roll legends of Soho, to the the Ancient Egyptian world at the British Museum... London is my oyster.

If exploring the city on two wheels is more your thing then why not take a cycling tour which gives you the opportunity of seeing London from a very different perspective, giving you a real sense of the scale and diversity of London's landscape, people and culture.

Puppet by Gavin Skerritt

Puppet created by Gavin

Gavin London Tour Guide

Discovering the back streets of London

So what are you waiting for? Contact me today, so that I can create a truly unforgettable experience that you, your family and friends will remember for years to come.

Whether you are after a day out exploring the streets, sites and attractions of London or looking for a daytrip out of London  exploring all that England has to offer, I am the guide for you.

I create tours that will cater for all your interests and requirements, making your time in London and England, a unique and memorable experience, created especially for you!

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