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"I can't possibly say enough here to convey what an absolutely fantastic day I had. Gavin was wonderful and SO knowledgeable! I learned so much in a single was truly amazing. This was the best money I spent in London. I felt like a rock star!"


 TripAdvisor: Review of a Chauffeured Tour of London

Welcome to Gavin with a "G"'s Blog

Hello everyone and welcome. I am so excited to be able to talk to you directly via my blog from London, England.

The idea with these blogs is to share with you everything to do with life and living in London and England from the perspective of a London Blue Badge Tourist Guide. In many ways it is going to be an eclectic collection of trivia, culture, news and history. I hope to share with you my love, passion and joy of my city and country. I also hope to entice you to visit and take a tour with me. I have so many stories, folktales, legends and anecdotes that I want to share with you, past down though my family. Remember I am a 5th generation Londoner through my father!

There will also be a reference to Wales, as my mother is Welsh and through her I inherited the love of poetry and the Welsh language, which is one of the oldest languages in Europe.

So keep a-look-out for future blogs...


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